Five Things To Do In Flint Michigan That You And Your Family Might Enjoy

Located in Genesee County is a well-known city by the name of Flint MI. It is now a metropolis, and it is a popular city to visit in the state. Detroit is known as Motor City, and Flint is known as Vehicle City. Its unofficial nickname is Flint Town, but it is much more than just a town to be sure. Here are five top attractions you might want to visit if you are going to be in Flint, Michigan.

Sloan Museum is one of those attractions, and it is located at 1221 East Kearsley Street. It is said to feature great exhibits that will teach you about local history in the area. Plus there are other exhibits that focus on national history. Recent reviews talk about a Titanic exhibit. People also talk about a shopping center not too far away that is linked to the place. You can find classic cars there and the Jurassic World of Dinosaurs.

The Applewood Estate is located at 1400 East Kearsley Street, and it is a nice place to visit. You get to check out the old house and items, the beautiful gardens and the barn. The historic home and estate is a treasure of Flint MI. A piece of local history, The Applewood Estate makes for a great little excursion when you are out and about in Flint. It is important to mention that you need to make a reservation to tour the inside of the estate home.

Also in Flint is what’s known as the Longway Planetarium. The address is 1310 East Kearsley Street. Notice that there is quite a lot to do on East Kearsley Street for sure. Residents of Flint can purchase an annual membership to the Longway Planetarium, as well as to the Sloan Museum and Buick Gallery. The shows at this planetarium are said to be wonderful, and the seats are comfortable, too.

Stepping Stone Falls is a wonderful place to visit as well, and its address is 5161 Branch Road. You get to enjoy the beautiful fountains, and the ara is lit up at night. It is important to mention, however, that reviews point to the fact that you might want to bring a flashlight for walking up to the falls. It is said to be a wonderful spot to enjoy a lunch picnic as well. Be sure to bring an extra loaf of bread to feed the ducks and the fish.

The Buick Automotive Gallery was mentioned, and so let’s take a look at what all awaits you there. Located at 303 Walnut Street, The Buick Automotive Gallery is said to be small but feature quite a lot of nice cars on display. Remember that it is one of the places in Flint where locals can get an annual membership.

Now you’re more aware of what all there is to do in Flint, Michigan. You’re going to enjoy driving around the city and visiting all the top attractions. I hope some of these suggestions make your list of things to do when you are in Flint.