Travel Dearborn Michigan And Have A Great Adventure

Dearborn is one of the great cities to visit in The Great Lakes State. It is included in the Detroit metro area, and it is part of Wayne County. As of the last census, the city of Dearborn’s population was right under metropolitan status. You might know that Michigan in general is the automotive capital of the US, Detroit at its helm, but Dearborn is where Henry Ford is from. Let’s see what all there is to do in Dearborn MI.

As you can well imagine, the most popular attraction is going to have to do with Henry Ford. You can visit The Henry Ford, a famous specialty museum, and its location is 20900 Oakwood Boulevard. You’re going to be taking a look at Henry Ford’s estate as it has been preserved over time. What’s interesting, too, is it isn’t just about Henry Ford and the automotive industry.

For example, there is the limousine that John F Kennedy rode in while in Dallas when he was assassinated. You will also find the exact chair that Abraham Lincoln was sitting in at Ford’s Theater when he was shot and killed. Of course, there is much Ford Family History on display, too, and people say that you get to learn a lot about Rosa Parks as well.

You’re in Greenfield Village, part of Dearborn, when you visit The Henry Ford. That being said, Greenfield Village is an attraction in and of itself. There is even a nice little chapel there for people who are going to get married. It’s an old-fashioned village, and it family excursion. How would you like to ride around in old Ford vehicles? You also get to see some of Thomas Edison’s work, watch some glass blowing and enjoy a wonderful interactive history lesson overall.

The Motown Museum in Dearborn MI is located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard. This is a home that has been turned into a museum. You see, the founder of Motown used to live there. You’re going to find all kinds of Motown memorabilia there, like costumes, artwork and more. The artifacts are cool, and the musum is just a very interesting piece of history overall, part of the culture of the Detroit metro area.

The last attraction may be in Detroit, but it’s only about 5 miles from Dearborn. So it’s close enough without having to travel too far into Motor City. The Automotive Hall of Fame, however, is right in Dearborn. Its location is 21400 Oakwood Boulevard, and it is a sight to see. It would be a good pairing with The Henry Ford for sure. You can learn all about the leaders of the early automotive industry.

When traveling the state of Michigan, Dearborn is a place to visit for sure. Its exciting attractions, proximity to Detroit and its automotive industry history are all good reasons to stop by. You know some great attractions to visit while you are there, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels around The Wolverine State as well.